Major search engines have become more complicated and elegant in their search algorithms. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing has started focusing on web hosting area. Now it is very important to take care while creating link network for your web site. One should take necessary safety measures before building link.

One need to check out who is his link partner and where his website is hosted and what is his IP address. Make sure the list of web sites on which you are placing your link in not hosted on same C Class IP.

Importance of C Class IP Address in SEO.

Search Engine does not prefer links from same IP address. It has started avoiding links from similar IPs. SO when ever search engine robot come to know that you got link from the same IP where you site if located or you have many backlinks from the same IP then backlink will not have any importance or it will have less importance. You will not get penalize or black listed if you have backlinks from same C Class IP, but you will not get any benefit either.

Search engine robots can penalize your web sites if they are:
  • Hosted websites on same IP address
  • Similar name server for websites
  • Identical WhoIs detail
  • Same rDNS domain for site

Make sure to check C Class IP of the sites before placing link, if site is not hosted on your own server. Different C Class IP hosting gives improved back link result.

Different C Class IP concept will surely help you in improving your SEO results. Class C IP technique will work the best without any doubt.

Below is the example of two similar C Class IP address to make you understand better.

Example of different C Class IP address